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"Time does not count itself. You have only to look at a circle and this is apparent" - Leto II (The Tyrant)

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Nuclear Apocalypse [Jan. 17th, 2011|01:58 pm]
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 I know I haven't posted here in ages but this time I think it's pretty important that I write this down.  I had a dream last night that was just crazy and I don't want to forget it.  At the beginning, me and my mom were vacationing in Italy.  Somehow I met this one guy who was hanging out with us and then his family invited us to their super expensive fancy restaurant that had grape vines covering the entire place.  It was really nice and they even offered us to stay with them.  Then suddenly everybody knew that something was about to happen.  Me and mom had to hurry up and pack all of our stuff and immediately leave to go home.  I was taking a while trying to get all of my stuff together.  I had some of my drawings and manga pages laying around on the ground in the room we were staying at.  For some reason my mom put them out on the balcony and the pages flew all over the place.  I almost went climbing on the roofs trying to get them back.  Outside it was already getting muddy for some reason.  It wasn't even raining of anything.  

The italian people said they would instead reserve all of us spaces on a large ship (they obviously had connections.. being rich and all) so we headed for that but it never happened.  They weren't supposed to start this war until days later.  I don't remember any major explosions but then me and mom and those other people were running through the streets, hiding in little shops, trying to avoid all the destruction going on outside.  There was some bombs but I don't think that was causing as much damage as was happening.  It was as if everything was simply deteriorating at an incredible speed, buildings were collapsing and the ground was turning to mud.  After a while me, my mom, and some other people were walking through all the destruction trying to find a way to get home.  I remember walking through lots and lots of mud, and then there was snow, and a gray desert.  One specific thing I remember is having to go through a really muddy river, or maybe it was a lake.  By that time it was about 5 of us traveling by foot in this world that seemed to destroy itself.  

Really close to me and this other guy I spotted some really weird creature just chillin' there in the water.  It was muddy yellow and the size of a large dog but it was more like a mutated dolphin of some sort.  Its skin was like that of a dolphin but it was really short and chubby and I knew that it was poisonous and could attack if provoked.  We somehow avoided that thing but I knew there was more of those in the water so we had to be careful.  I personally got attacked by an oversize bee.  It wasn't huge but it was large enough for me to freak out.  It landed on my back and the fact that I was all wet from walking through the water made it attracted to me.  I somehow smacked it and then it got angry and then i splashed water at it.  Somehow I got away from all the bees.  

Then we ended up in Bulgaria for some odd reason.  I'm not sure in what direction we were walking but we were in grandma's town and it was almost all gone.  I guess we were walking across the Danube river earlier although that doesn't make sense since bulgaria is east of italy and maybe even a little bit more north and the Danube river is bulgaria's northern boundary.  I don't really know I guess we were walking across to that place.  Well, right after crossing the river there were lots of hills like someone was digging there.  A lot of large black tubes were being placed in that area by whoever was still around.  They were putting them in place and then covering them with dirt so they wouldn't be immediately visible.  That area used to be the center of the town and now all I could see was dark muddy sand everywhere and also a couple of remaining tall apartment buildings that looked like they weren't going to be there for much longer.  

Grandma's apartment building was one of the only ones still standing although half of it was already destroyed.  We went into this one room and for some reason my aunt was there too.  I'm not sure why that was but it seemed like she had moved there a bit earlier.  I still had my suitcase with all my stuff and in that room I found some of my old clothes and a couple of plushies that I definitely didn't want to leave behind.  My panda was there as well as a llama and some other things.  I quickly tried to find a place for them.  I left the apartment building for a bit just to look around and met up with some people that I remembered from when I was little.  We had played together but I don't really remember them, I just had a feeling that I knew them a long time ago and then we all went our separate ways.  There was a black haired guy and a girl with really short bangs and hair neatly layered and was about shoulder-length.  There was also a girl who was older than me with longer light brown hair.  I think there was someone else too, I can't really remember.  

We all walked to those black tubes to investigate what was going on.  We also wanted to see if anyone else was around.  I think there were some aircraft putting those tubes in place but they were all dark and we couldn't tell who was inside.  Some fences had been put up to keep people out but those were pretty much gone too.  My mom was with us too and she pointed out that those tubes looked like they were for launching a certain type of missiles that were mainly for shooting down low-flying objects or ships.  Basically, they were seriously preparing for war.  I don't know what kind of war it is, or who was fighting or what they were fighting against, but everything was destroyed before it even started.  

As we were walking around something crashed near some of the still standing apartment buildings.  One of them was blue-ish and the other ones were just plain gray.  All 4 fell right in front of our eyes.  We just stood there and didn't know what to do.  If we had been even a couple of feel closer we would all have been crushed by them, but we just stood there and watched.  We all decided to leave this place and started climbing up some metal pipes.  Someone had installed metal ladders near them so we just climbed on top of them and walked as far as we could go.  The entire time I still thought we could get back to newport news somehow.  I'm not sure how but I thought we could still find a way.  I remember at some point you either had to go into one of those pipes or climb over it.  There was also something covering them so I had to climb over that too.  The older girl was leading us forward.  I'm not sure where we were going or anything.  I tried to check my phone but then decided there's no point.  

Later we got to an area that still had some trees.  The people there weren't too friendly but really no one was anymore.  Around this time I woke up.  I think there was some more to the dream.  If I remember anything I'll write it down.
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FRIENDS ONLY! [Mar. 24th, 2008|01:03 am]
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